Webinar: Out of the Fire for (mental) Health

Can marine omega-3 fatty acids contribute to a better future?

While the human body consists of 99.2 % water molecules, the cells need fatty acids for building their cell membranes. These fatty acids play an important role in controlling enzyme systems to control inflammatory responses.

In our webinar Dr Rainer Viehweger talks about poly-unsaturated fatty acids and their role in controlling inflammation and cell communication. What are omega-3 index and omega 6/3  ratio? What is the right dosage of omega-3 fatty acids for regulating the omega 6/3 ratio?


11th November, 2019
7.30 – 9.00 pm CET
6.30 – 8.00 pm UK time

Emrik Suichies will be the interviewer.

There is a 10€ entrance fee.

1. Join via Website: https://quantumhealth.clickmeeting.com/conciousness-workshop

2. Join via Mobile Application:
Room ID: 838-885-113

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