Communication and Cooperation

Communication and Cooperation

Nature´s paradigm for Thriving

Nature uses energy most efficiently. Resonance, harmony and scaling are very important tools. Mankind has now reached a turning point in how to organise life. For managing important tasks such as energy resources, health and wealth for everyone, it is important to learn a new world view, which we might call the interscalar world view and which will help overcome reductionism and the bad outcomes of competitive behavior.

Interscalar thinking is thinking on multiple scales.

Dive with us into this new paradigm in which mankind and consciousness play an important part.

This webinar is the start of a whole series of bi-monthly webinars on this new integrated world view. Learn that the difference between consciousness and matter is a scaling effect. Learn to see the harmony and learn to comply, in daily life and on a larger scale.

We are very happy to meet you at our webinars,

Rainer & Emrik

There is a 10€ entrance fee.

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