The science behind REDHealth Wear

by Dr Rainer Viehweger

All life on Earth is based on interconnected natural cycles to provide all functions including biochemistry on the molecular level up to the seasons, which we go through during the different times of the year. One year is an important rhythm, and we celebrate it with our birthday parties or New Year events. All cycles are embedded into each other. There are even longer and bigger cycles than one year. We count centuries, civilisations and cosmic cycles, in which we are also embedded. Everything is a cycle with a beginning and an end; a whole lifetime could be seen as a cycle of an individual life of a member of a species.

Cycles have their rhythms. In biology, cycles can have a range of rhythms in which they operate. Look at the pulse rate or breathing. The more excited we are, the faster is the rhythm of our heart. Breathing sometimes stops for a short moment, we may be breathless. In relaxation, the rhythm goes back to its preferred speed. We get in trouble when the rhythm is too fast or too slow for longer times, because we consume more energy. Also, we expect the rhythm to vary between certain boundaries, which is a cycle itself. Simply think of the heart rate variability. The relation between biological cycles is often showing the golden ratio, which we can observe in the anatomic architecture of the body itself.

A rhythm is a pattern of movement or change, in which processes repeat. Think of a dance move. The Waltz is the rhythm, the pattern. But we can dance a very slow Waltz or a faster Waltz. The faster we dance, the higher the repetition rate of the steps, which belong to the pattern. The partners must dance in the exact same repetition rate, because they would step on each other´s feet causing pain and disharmony. In scientific language we would say they are in sync or move in a coherent state.

The repetition rate is called frequency, and tells us, how often a cycle is started and ended, restarted again etc.

The circadian rhythm is very important for biological life. It is the 24h cycle of the change of day and night. It is one single turn of the Earth around itself. Our inner clock is set to this cycle.

Many cycles are embedded into this special 24h cycle. We find 24 hours, 12 times two hours, in every hour 60 minutes and in every minute 60 seconds. In our daily life, we use many of those cycles for communication and work, i.e. we count the working time in hours per day and hours per week. We feel that 30 minutes is often appropriate to do something.

The most important organ that overlooks the circadian rhythm is the pineal gland. Blue light from the environment, normally the sunlight, enters the eyes, where the blue photons are transformed into electrical impulses, which tell the pineal gland about the time of the day. In the evening hours, when there is no blue light present in the sunlight´s spectrum, the pineal gland starts to produce and release a hormone named melatonin telling our body that it is time for sleep, which changes many rhythms of our physiology including:
-sleep and waking time,
-brain waves,
-body temperature,
-hormonal changes just to mention a few.
Science has discovered that every cell has an inner clock, which is part of the inner clock of the organ the cells belong to, and the organ is part of the inner clock of the entire body. The main timer is the pineal gland. Hormones released from hormonal glands at the right time act as switches to turn on or off biochemical activities in the cells of the organ tissue at the right time at the right place following the needs of the whole body, often turn on a process in one organ and turn off other processes in other organs. Neurotransmitters act in the same way; the only difference is that the nervous system acts faster than the hormone system.  

Without being embedded into the natural cycles of Earth and Sun we would not be able to exist the way we do, because our inner clocks would work in a different pattern. We are all aware of the effects of jet lag on our wellbeing. Shift work is a form of jet lag. Watching very bright light every evening causes a permanent jetlag for our body disrupting many biological cycles, which, over time, will lead to energy loss and related diseases.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine are 12 main energetic pathways in the body, which are called meridians. Every meridian has a main organ and related body functions. There are places on the skin where the meridians meet the body surface. Here we find the acupuncture points. Stimulation of these acupuncture points affects the function of the body. Acupuncture points can be stimulated through needling, pressing, vibrating, warming, or using weak electromagnetic pulses as applied in the REDHealth Wear products. Western science investigates the nature of meridians and acupuncture points, and it has turned out, that meridian pathways and acupuncture points belong to the body´s fascia system, which is one of the most important functional and communicational structures of the body. We could also call it the connective tissue system. The fascia system connects all organs to each other. Nerves and blood vessels are part of it, and billions of sensory receptors, connected to the nervous system, inform the body about its current state, from which the brain calculates the most effective behaviour of all bodily organs including the muscle-skeletal system. If conditions are sensed which cannot be integrated, then the body creates pain signals to tell us that something is out sync and overwhelms the adaptive capabilities of the whole organism. 

The Chinese found that every meridian in the body has a two hours period of highest activity and developed the Chinese meridian clock. Every two hours, one of the 12 meridians has its highest activity. Think of the different times tones on Earth. If we would divide the Earth surface into 12 segments, every two hours another region will see the sun rising from the East. This is exactly how the energy flows through the body. Every two hours a different meridian shows highest activity, always in the same order. The REDHealth CB device run their programs exactly tuned to the meridian clock.

In the human body, countless electrical processes take place, which create a weak magnetic field. In sum, all those processes make up what is called the human electromagnetic body field. PEMF is used widely to affect the body field for therapeutic purposes. All REDHealth devices use very low and low frequency intensity PEMF to support the human and animal body field in reminding its optimal state at the right time of the day. The optimal state is a state of highest order and lowest waste of energy. It is stress free and harmonic.

It is the resonance phenomenon, which provides the communication with the body field. In scientific terms, REDHealth devices use phase conjugated adaptive resonance (PCAR) for the personalisation process and for their supporting PEMF signals. 

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