REDHealth and harmful artificial EMF

by Dr Rainer Viehweger

Many of us have heard before of the harmful effects of artificial electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). The discussion was brought into the broader public when the first mobile phones were introduced and wireless communication started nearly everywhere in our environment.

But there were discussions much earlier. Electrification of railways and electric trams in the big cities could all have biological effects. In the military, people working in the radio stations suffered from developing cancers, heart problems, immune system issues and nervous system disorders. In some cases their children had genomic defects. In the military, the high energy microwaves used for radio communication initiated the emission of additional x-ray radiation which was seen as the cause of the occurring biological problems.

Investigating EMF we find two effects on a biological system, the thermal and the non-thermal effects. Over a long period of time, only the thermal effects of electromagnetic radiation and em-fields were considered to have harmful biological effects. This sounds a bit like – the mobile won´t cook you . But as many of us could experience, it might do so!

These days we cannot ignore the non-thermal effects of em-fields and radiation on biology. Since the frequencies have become higher and higher, non-thermal effects must be consi-dered as the main factor for biological effects of artificial EMF.

We all know that biology is mainly controlled by electromagnetic signals. We can measure electrical and magnetic phenomena in many tissues. Just think of EEGs, EMG, ECGs, NMRs and so on. Those are phenomena on tissue or organ level. All cells use the same principles, because the em-activity of tissues and organs is created through single cell activities.     


In nature, we find many natural electromagnetic frequencies. Scientists speak of three, so  called natural windows or bands of electromagnetic frequencies which penetrate the atmosphere from outer space, or, are generated inside the atmosphere through the electromagnetic activities of thunderstorms. This third window is called atmospherics. The first window is the light window, as we could call it, because it is the window for near infrared, visible and ultraviolet light, which comes from the sun. The second window is the so called radio-wave window which covers frequencies in the microwave range. Without using this window, satellite communication would not be possible. All our technical frequencies which communicate with satellites and spaceships use this natural window. The range of frequencies for this second window starts at about 10 MHz and ends at about 100 GHz (about 30 m to 3 mm wavelength). Many of our modern electronic gadgets (WIFI, Bluetooth, mobile phone, including 5G) also use this frequency range. All radio- and TV stations including sat-TV use this range. The range of the atmospherics expands from very low 7 Hz up to about 10 kHz.[1]

Our natural environment is therefore very rich in electromagnetic frequencies. We literally bath in an ocean of em-waves. Life has developed under these conditions. We must recognise that life is perfectly embedded into the presence of natural em-waves and benefits from this natural source of energy and information!

[1] Herbert L. König, Unsichtbare Umwelt, 1986, self-published

The big question is now, why are artificial EMFs harmful?

The biggest differences are intensity and exposure time.

Artificial EMFs are single frequencies, sometimes modulated with another frequency.

Natural EMFs are broadband and change all the time. They behave more like a noise. Exposure time to a certain frequency is always short. Artificial EMFs have long exposure times and higher intensities.

A good analogy is to look at a musical orchestra using sound waves instead of the atmosphere having natural EMFs. When a n orchestra plays a piece of music, all instruments play at the required intensity following the harmonious melodies in tune to create the whole piece of a nice symphony. If we would introduce “artificial frequencies or sounds” to the orchestra, and those frequencies would be played by additional artificial instruments much louder and always the same tone. How would we perceive this new “music”? A few single tones played much too loud would destroy the beauty of the symphony. We would only hear those new tones and not be able to listen to the music anymore. The message of the musical piece is lost.

The same way our bodies receive only the message of the artificial EMFs. The messages of the natural EMFs are not deciphered and understood anymore resulting in a loss of information and biological control leading to clinical symptoms.  

What are common symptoms of exposure to artificial EMFs?

Depending on the time of exposure and sensitivity to artificial EMFs symptoms may be mild or develop into severe diseases. Examples are insomnia, heart rhythm disorders, fatigue, tinnitus, headaches, muscle-skeletal issues. Severe symptoms can be immune system disor-ders, development of chronic disease including cancer.

Is there a solution?

These days we will not be able to reverse the artificial EMF “revolution”. Biology will slowly adapt? If yes, it will take some generations. What can we do?


Whenever it is possible, we should avoid the long time exposure to artificial EMFs. The most important time is the night.

Switching off Bluetooth and WIFI is important. In some apartment houses people already talk to each other and agree on a certain time in the evening when they all switch out their WIFI. It will not be possible when WIFI ability is provided through the community.


Drink enough water good water! Artificial EMFs dehydrate the body!


Remove as many electrical devices from your bedroom as possible! Make sure that you don’t sleep close to a wall in which cables run. If you live close to transmitter stations, transformer stations or electric railways, consider setting up shielding wall paper and similar things to protect yourself.


Use as much natural radiation as possible. Be in the fresh air as much as you can, get enough sun light.


Eat anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative food as fresh as possible.


Practice grounding. Walk barefoot on wet grass in the mornings. Walk on the beach. In Sum-mer, sleep on the ground in your garden. Grounding also counteracts the effects of harmful artificial EMF because the body absorbs electrons and replaces those that were stolen by the oxidative effects of artificial harmful EMF.   


In addition, the REDHealth devices can help being more resilient against artificial harmful EMF. The devices use beneficial frequencies in the low frequency range to support the normal physiology. All devices have built in programs to do so. Especially the CB devices help the body field align to the circadian rhythms and support synchronization of brain wave activity with the right time of the day.[1]  

REDHealth applies artificial PEMF, but with the very low intensity, which biology likes and only for a short period of time. This is the reason why it has only positive effects.

[1]  DESYNCHRONIZATION OF HUMAN CIRCADIAN RHYTHMS, Jurgen ASCHOFF, Ursula GERECKE AND Riitger WEVER, The Japanese Journal of Physiology 17, pp.450-457, 1967

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