Resonant Energy Devices for Health

Revolutionary Wearables for Energy and Wellbeing

RedHealth Resonant Energy Devices

New Wearable Wellness Devices. 

You can easily boost your energy and wellbeing with a friendly piece of jewellery, simply by using the buttons.

The devices utilise ultra-low-level pulsed magnetic signals, which resonate with the body´s meridian system supporting the body´s self-regulating and self-adaptation mechanisms.


provides a range of different models

c.Balance BT Android & iOS

c.Balance and c.Balance BT with Personalisation

These devices are the most complex ones of the series. They support adaptation to the circadian rhythms by supporting the meridians for a few minutes each, at the time of their highest activity. The body field is supported against the effects of E-smog, and with dealing with every day stress. The manual user activated programs support calming emotions and mentally, as well as the adaptation to healthy sleep patterns, and rejuvenation of exhausted and inflamed tissues – Calm, Sleep, Ease and Revitalise.

The personalisation feature allows for the adaptation of the programs to the personal needs of the user´s body field.

Two versions are available:

  • c.Balance: easy to operate, 4 user-activated programs
  • c.Balance BT: Android & iOS App controlled, 4 user programs, 1 of them can be set from a selection of additional 5 using the App

c.Balance and c.Balance BT 

                                             Circadian Rhythm
                                             Meridian System
                                             Automated Programs
                                             Weekly Cycle 



The Ease device is designed for supporting pain relief and the body tissues´ self-regeneration.

In case of tissue injuries the RedHealth Ease device can be used after the application of proper medical care to support the self-restauration of body tissues.

Think of situations of painful joints, cuts, insect bites, and others.


This model is especially designed for the support of physical and mental performance before (Pre), during (Go), and after (Post) sports activities.

It can be used to keep the focus on the activity – whether it is physical or mental. It supports to stay calm and concentrated if necessary. It also supports post strain recovery.



How do the devices work?

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMF)

well-proven and accepted technology using low frequency, short duration, low intensity magnetic pulses to stimulate body tissues. The benefits of PEMF include: accelerated tissue repair, pain relief, improved inflammation response, improved sleep, accelerated bone repair and much more.

Adaptive Resonance

adds resonant signature patterns within the magnetic fields to provide more targeted action and potency to the PEMF effect.



All devices are USB rechargable

Recharging the devices is mostly necessary once every month if in constant use.
Highest quality batteries, USB port protected with a cover.

Function Specifications


IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   available functions
A              runs automatically
M             manual – user activated

ESRS-Emotional Stress Relief Support
CB-Circadian Balance/24 h Meridian Clock
EMR- Electro-Smog Support
ENV-Detox Support
TRVL-Travel Stress Support
REVIT-Revitalization Support
EASE-Discomfort Support
TR- Tissue Regeneration Support
REJUV- Support Rejuve Skin, Muscle, Bone
PRE, GO, POST – Support Before, During, After Sport


All indications for using the RedHealth devices in this document are suggestions for trial and personal use only. This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. If you have a medical concern or condition, consult an appropriate health care professional. The RedHealth products have not been evaluated by any medical government agency or medical regulatory organisation.

The RedHealth devices are exclusively designed and made for personal use.

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